September 28, 2012 // Category: Fitness Advisor

Should I be strength training to muscle exhaustion or failure?

Momentary muscle failure is the inability to continue an exercise in correct form. It occurs when an individual is exerting maximum effort against a resistance at that point in the exercise it is not moving. Despite the effort, the weight can no longer be lifted; which is when an isometric or static contraction is occurring.

Here are a few very important factors before training to momentary muscle failure. First, make sure your muscles are properly warmed up before starting a failure set. Second, it is not appropriate for beginners to train this way. Build proper technique, form and muscle memory prior to adding this type of training to your regime. Third, never sacrifice form to get an extra rep completed. The gain does not outweigh the risk. And lastly, allow adequate rest of 48-72 hours specific to the muscles that were trained.

Deborah McConnell

August 09, 2012 // Category: Fitness Advisor

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Deborah McConnell

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