October 23, 2012 // Category: Fitness Advisor

exercise xenophobe (noun): 1. Any individual who works out on the same machine every day and is comfortable with their current workout. 2. An exerciser who avoids trying out an unfamiliar machine. See also: In an exercise rut.

Ok, that is a fictional term. But repeating the same cardio routine every day is getting a little dull, right? Not to worry; this 30 minute triple cardio workout is guaranteed to put some pep in your step. Simply spend ten minutes on three different cardio machines for a workout that will spice up any routine.

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July 31, 2012 // Category: Fitness Advisor

Watching great teams compete in the 2012 Olympics can be truly motivational. Although you may not qualify for any Olympic team sports in the near future, you can still use this surge of inspiration to find your own workout partners and create a winning team.

Not only will a workout partner keep you accountable, but it can add some variety to your workout. If you feel bored with your current routine, mixing it up with someone else by your side might be just what you need.

Here are some ideas on how to get moving with a friend:

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July 05, 2012 // Category: Fitness Advisor

The measure of a great cycling class comes down to a great instructor. On top of a killer soundtrack and upbeat attitude, having a wide variety of tools available to increase participants’ performance levels is going to keep your classes full. Here are a few ways to use computer feedback to keep your riders engaged and coming back for more.

Resistance Level

Use a number to benchmark what resistance should be, and allow the rider to increase or decrease resistance based on skill level. This is a very intuitive tool for those new to group cycling because it will allow them to gauge what the average resistance should be for their sprints and climbs.

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