April 17, 2014 // Category: Fun Side of Fitness

FitnessWhileYoureFlying.jpgAirport inconveniences just got healthier. If you’re a frequent traveler, you’ve undoubtedly experienced the annoyance of a layover – a surefire aggravation that begets a loss of time and comfort, all in a foreign city. But before you throw in the towel and head to that airport bar for fried food and beer – I’ve got a better idea. Why not use your time as a castaway to get a great workout in?

Ashley McLean

January 30, 2014 // Category: Fitness Advisor

HowToSayIDontToYourHealthClub.jpgSome of the toughest break-ups involve the physical spaces we’re attached to, and that’s especially pronounced with our memberships to health clubs and gyms. But if a crucial facet of your exercise experience is off, it could lead to months of mediocre workouts and uninspired results.

Deborah McConnell

December 09, 2013 // Category: Innovation

ThreeStrategiesForBuildingASuccessfulClub.jpgRunning a gym, health club or fitness facility isn’t a turn-key operation. Remaining competitive and improving customer service requires continuous dedication and creative ways to find new clients. It’s also important to keep the current members coming back on a regular basis. Consider the checklist of ways to expand your business potential.

Jonathan Abrams

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