January 30, 2014 // Category: Fitness Advisor

HowToSayIDontToYourHealthClub.jpgSome of the toughest break-ups involve the physical spaces we’re attached to, and that’s especially pronounced with our memberships to health clubs and gyms. But if a crucial facet of your exercise experience is off, it could lead to months of mediocre workouts and uninspired results.

Deborah McConnell

March 30, 2012 // Category: Fun Side of Fitness

As a former general manager of a health club, I have seen members do a wide range of unpleasant and strange things at the gym. For example, I had one member that pooped in the lockers. (I still haven’t figured that one out.) Another would sing so loud while on the treadmill, other members couldn’t even hear their own music playing. These are two things I would recommend NOT doing at the gym.

While the gym is clearly not like going to the opera or a black tie affair, there are a few basic gym etiquette rules you should try to abide by. 

Laura Riley

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