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May 08, 2014 // Category: Fitness Community

HowStressAffectsYourWaistline.jpg“My job is so stressful,” “My boss is driving me crazy,” “This commute is brutal,” “I’ll never pass that test.” Sound familiar? Of course it does, because we all indulge in these stressful and innaccurate thoughts.

Inaccurate? Duh. Sure, they're inaccurate. This type of thinking claims that stress is created by an outside event – the work, the boss, the traffic or the test. Yet we know full well that stress doesn’t exist until we invite it to live in our heads.

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May 05, 2014 // Category: Fitness Community

BreakfastOfChampions.jpgThere are many reasons we don’t eat breakfast – some of us are trying to limit our calories, others are strapped for time, and others still are simply “not breakfast people.” It seems so much easier to grab a coffee and get a head start on rush hour than it does to sit down and eat a full meal. But here’s the reality – eating breakfast every morning will change how you look, how you act and how you feel.

Tom Phillips

April 15, 2014 // Category: Fitness Community

4.15.14WhenToBuyOrganicProduce.jpgPeople always say, “I can’t buy organic – it’s too expensive!” However, there is a good reason for shelling out the extra cash for organic food: it’s without chemicals, fertilizers and added hormones, and thus is a much better fit for our bodies.

If you want to purchase organic but your wallet says otherwise, consider starting with organic fruits and vegetables.

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