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February 11, 2014 // Category: Fun Side of Fitness

2.11.14RomanticMotivation.jpgValentine’s Day is fast approaching and love can make you do strange things. Maybe you’ll surprise yourself and try something completely different – like a new exercise regimen. Maybe you’re crushing on a gym rat, a marathon runner, a star athlete or a health nut. Either way, nothing motivates us to trade in our couch potato status for a new gym membership like newfound love. 

Life Fitness

February 06, 2014 // Category: Fun Side of Fitness

WhatToWatchinSochi.jpgThis February in Sochi, you’ll find stars, sports, and spectacle, all draped in wintry white and captured by media from around the world. Yet besides the competitive poetry that is the Games, a bigger concern emerges: just what exactly are viewers supposed to watch?

Tom Phillips

February 03, 2014 // Category: Fun Side of Fitness

ThreeFoodsForFitness.jpgStaying fit isn't just about exercise output – it shares an equal relation to caloric and nutritional input, and how the chemical reaction of each ingredient can influence the body. You know the basics: easy on the pizza. Hands off the cookie dough. Unfortunately, while many fitness-seekers know what not to eat, they haven't figured out which foods to gravitate toward. Discover three foods that can serve as assets, accelerants, fuels and replinishers.

Kate O'Leary

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