In the summer of 2012, Life Fitness commissioned a global third-party market research company, Cint, to conduct 745 online interviews with exercisers who work out twice or more per week and own a smartphone or tablet. The survey was conducted in seven countries which include the U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia, Italy, Germany and Brazil on the subject how technology supports a better workout.

There are more than 7 billion people in the world1 and according to the IHRSA 2012 Global Report 129,397,925 of those people are gym members.2


Exercisers have embraced technology, with nearly three-quarters using some type of technology during their workout. For most, this was as simple as placing a smartphone or tablet on exercise equipment to play music or videos, while smaller numbers were able to take advantage of equipment that connects to their devices, as well as built-in computer or video screens.

With 57% of exercisers surveyed using a smartphone and/or tablet during their workout, these devices are becoming increasingly common-place in the gym.

Nearly three-quarters of those age 50 or younger believe they would work out more if they had access to their personal content while exercising.

More than 50% of the world’s population is under age 303, which means better access to technology might spur half of the world’s exercisers to work out more.

Exercisers that have access to technology during their workouts consider themselves to be more successful at achieving their goals.4 Gym members also consider themselves to be more successful.5 Not surprisingly, exercisers that have access to technology at their gym are most likely to consider themselves to be successful in achieving fitness and weight loss goals.6


The feature exercisers would be most likely to switch gyms for is internet access on equipment.

When asked to choose the top two types of content they would most prefer access to during a workout, the top answers included music (42%), music videos (33%), workout videos (18%), movies (16%) and internet access (14%), live sports (13%), sitcoms (13%) and workout progress screens (11%).



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