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In 2010, the worldwide population of older adults numbered 524 million. By, 2050 that number is expected to exceed 1.5 billion. Life Fitness has the wellness solutions to help people lead active and healthy lives, regardless of age. 

 Aging can be another active adventure in a lifetime of many. Life Fitness health and wellness solutions bring optimism and energy to your facility, and ensure that your residents’ golden years are richly rewarding.

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A Growing Community  of Exercisers

With the population of older adults rising exponentially, now is the time to differentiate your facility by investing in the fitness products suited for this large demographic. Life Fitness has the sustainable solutions to provide older adults with the tools for active aging, and the long-term results to bolster your business. The opportunity is there to provide your residents with the fitness equipment that they need to live longer, healthier and happier lives.


Active-Aging-Icon.pngExplain to your residents why exercise at any age is important and they'll keep coming back 

› Increases energy

› Improves the quality of life

› Reduces stress and improves mood

› Improves balance and reduces the risk of falls

› Prevents or delays many diseases and disabilities

› Helps people maintain or regain independence

wellness solutions

Solutionwhy life fitness
Step-Through Recumbent Bikes
  • ♦ Easy access and start up
  • ♦ Strengthens leg muscles, improves balance
Elliptical Cross-Trainers ♦ Biomechanically engineered for a smooth, natural feeling motion

♦ FlexDeck® Shock Absorption System reduces stress on the knees and joints by up to 30%

♦ Bolsters general cardiovascual health, which makes walking easier and increases stamina

Circuit Series Strength

♦ No adjustments, low starting resistance 

♦ Improves flexibility and makes it easier to lift everday items

Optima Series and Insignia Series Selectorized Strength

♦ Smooth and natural motion for effective and comfortable strength training

♦ Strength training is another good way to improve balance

SYNRGY360™ System

♦ Small group training in a supportive and fun environment

♦ A variety of workout options for improving balance and making general tasks easier




Transformative Technology and Equipment 

Life Fitness provides the state-of-the-art equipment and technological innovation that transforms your facility into a place every resident wants to be. Our recumbent bikes and elliptical cross-trainers improve balance and stability, our Circuit Series Strength enhances flexibility and lifting, and our SYNRGY360 is the ideal solution for group training in a fun, supportive environment. Whatever your wellness needs, Life Fitness has the answer.


360 Degree Facility Management

The LFconnect™ app and website is the leading cloud solution for facilities looking to create the ultimate personalized workout experience. For older adults seeking active aging lifestyles, exercise tracking is crucial to the achievement of fitness goals. With and our Discover Tablet Consoles, your facility can monitor product usage, create home screen logos and facility settings, and initiate custom workouts as determined by knowledgeable staff. 

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