reclaimed. repaired. rebuilt.

The process for Life Fitness CPO products involves completely rebuilding used fitness equipment to ensure that it retains the same high quality that the fitness industry has come to expect from brand-new Life Fitness pieces.

The result is a pre-owned product that looks, feels and performs like new.

Watch the Process


Disassembly and Diagnosis 

After it is returned to Life Fitness, each product is completely dismantled and undergoes an extensive 20+ multi-point inspection by our certified technicians.


Stripping and Cleaning

The steel frame of the equipment is sanded and other important parts are stripped clean of dirt and grime.


Motor and Parts Repair

The motor is thoroughly inspected, cleaned and oiled. Any worn parts are replaced with Life Fitness certified parts.


Powder Coating

The bare steel frame is powder coated for added durability and to create a fresh new look.


Rebuilding and Testing 

After extensive inspection, cleaning and parts replacement, the entire unit is rebuilt. It is then thoroughly tested to ensure that it’s ready for the next owner. 



Life Fitness stands behind its CPO products. Each unit comes with a one-year warranty on electrical and mechanical parts.