Committed to Helping You Run a Greener Facility

Life Fitness is committed to developing products and processes that help you run a greener facility. We've been a part of the solution for over 30 years, ever since we introduced the first self-powered commercial exercise bike. Today, almost all of our models allow people to power their own workout as soon as they are installed. There is never a need to purchase an additional system to offer exercisers the feel-good effect of self-power. Life Fitness Treadmills, which do require electricity, require far less than competitive models.

Hybrid Engage

Our 2011 Elevation™ Series Engage Cross-trainer, and both upright and recumbent Lifecycle® Exercise Bikes are partially powered by the exerciser when the person is working out at a moderate intensity or higher. The energy the exerciser generates powers the machine and reduces electrical draw by 75%.

Bigger Motor, Smaller Energy Bill

A Life Fitness Treadmill uses up to 52% less power than those of our top competitors.Intertek, an independent agency, tested Life Fitness Elevation Series Treadmills against Matrix, Technogym, Precor, and Star Trac. Findings showed that the Life Fitness Treadmill, with the most powerful motor of the group, is also the most energy efficient. Click here to view the results.

People Powered since 1978

Life Fitness Lifecycle® Exercise Bikes have been self-powered since 1978. Our ellipitcal Cross-trainers have been self-powered since their introduction in 1997. The Summit Trainer, Stariclimbers and all 300+ strength machines, also offer self-powered convenience. We have always been committed to the idea of exercise equipment that doesn't pull energy from the grid, no accessories necessary.

Energized Entertainment

We also offer more equipment that powers the entertainment with energy the exerciser creates than any other fitness equipment manufacturer. Connect an iPod® or iPhone® to a Cross-trainer, Lifecycle, Summit Trainer or Integrity Stairclimber and it will charge with energy generated by the person.

Elevation Series Lifecycles and Cross-trainers with the Inspire console go even further. They feature the only LCD touch-screen available from any fitness manufacturer that is powered by the person enjoying it.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

We aspire to live this idea by using reusable packaging, recycling plastic, metal and other materials from used circuit boards and recycling office waste. Every step towards sustainability helps.

Certified Landfill-averse

Life Fitness has the largest integrated Certified Pre-Owned program. Through this program, 50-75% of parts from our commercial cardio products are reused to create a durable line of CPO products. Through this program, we keep materials out of landfills and cut down our manufacturing footprint. Since 2004 we have placed 70,000 of these units back in the field.




Bigger Motor Smaller Energy Bill

A Life Fitness Treadmill uses up to 52% less power than those of our top competitors.Read the test studies and find out the details.


Quality Life Fitness Case Study

Quality Life Fitness in Houston, Texas, is the city's first eco-friendly health club. Operating with energy-efficient lighting and equipment, the facility emphasizes green living. Read the case study to learn more.