About Hammer Strength

For the Elite Athlete... and Those Who Want to Train Like One

Powerful. Rugged. Reliable. The reputation of Hammer Strength equipment has been built with steel, sweat and grit. 


It’s the brand that an overwhelming number of professional athletes choose when they train to compete at the highest level. And it’s the choice of some of the top college and high school athletic programs in the country. Hammer Strength is the No. 1 option for elite athletes because it can take the pounding they dish out, and, more importantly, it’s designed to provide results.

Hammer Strength isn’t reserved just for professional training facilities or big-name college weight rooms. Everyday athletes benefit from the excellent biomechanical design in the same way that the pros do. Hammer Strength equipment isn’t exclusive. It can be used to reach the fitness goals of anyone willing to put in the hard work. 


Nearly 30 Years of Smart Design 

Gary Jones was intent on improving strength training when he created Hammer Strength in 1989. Jones did that and then some. The innovator designed and constructed machines with biomechanics in mind—machines that move the same way that the body does, which improves efficiency and reduces the risk of injury.

CS-HSPL_GBJ-hero.pngJones created plate-loaded equipment that employed Iso-Lateral® technology to allow arms and legs to move independently. He also devised Ground Base® technology, which incorporates balance and stability into strength training.

CS-HSMTS_MTSLE-hero.pngThe wide range of Hammer Strength equipment now also includes the customizable HD Elite™, Motion Technology Selectorized™, and the most durable racks and benches available for strength training.  


Jones’ ingenuity was a big reason why Life Fitness decided to partner with Hammer Strength in 1997. His ideas and designs are still groundbreaking nearly two decades later.

Hammer Strength is
Used By: 

-  100% of MLB and NFL teams
-   24 of 30 NHL teams
-   29 of 30 NBA teams
-   More than 60 college athletics programs
-   The Pentagon, FBI Academy, U.S. Secret Service Training Center and every branch of the military