The Challenge Is On

Join us in the Life Fitness booth on Friday, March 16 anytime between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. to show off your moves. The challenge of the day is how many burpees you can do in one minute. Both top male and top female first place winners will receive a $100 Target gift card. (Winners notified by e-mail.)

Check out the top leader boards below.  

Male Challengers
Diom Carusoe 19
Joe Garcia, Arena Fitness 18
Blair Lyon 17
Jose Riveros 15
Female Challengers
Peta McMillan 26
Megan Phi 20
Stephanie Hammons 18
Lesley Ipsum 15


What is a Burpee?

Not familiar with this movement? A burpee is a four-part full body exercise:  

1. Begin in a standing position.

2. Drop into a squat position with your hands on the ground. 

3. Extend your feet back in one quick motion to assume the front plank position. 

4. Return to the squat position in one quick motion. 

5. Return to an upright standing position.