Insignia Series

Insignia Series Single Stations Highlights:

  • InsigniaSeries-gym160-MenTalking_220.png

    Attractive and Inviting

    Eye-catching design combines with low-profile towers to create equipment that is appealing to all exercisers and results in an extremely inviting facility environment.

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      Smooth Motion

      Expert biomechanics create controlled, natural feeling motions that provide an enjoyable experience for users at all fitness levels. 

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      Independent Motion

      Eight upper body units utilize independent motion to maintain equilateral muscle development as well as accommodate exercisers with physical limitations.
















    • InsigniaSeries-Row-detail-ErgoGripHandles-gym99_220.png

      Grips Designed with Intelligence 

      Elliptical-shaped ergonomic grips are uniquely positioned to properly align the wrist depending upon the type of machine.


       “Pulling” exercises (row, pulldown, etc.) have a smaller gripping area that allows the fingers to securely wrap around the grip.


      “Pushing” exercises (chest press, shoulder press, etc.) utilize a larger surface area to fit the palm and distribute pressure evenly.




    • InsigniaSeries-ShoulderPress9-SeatAdj.png

      Articulating Seats

      Counterbalanced articulating seats on Insignia Series equipment adjust at an angle to ensure optimum positioning and effectiveness for exercisers of all sizes.
















    • InsigniaSeries-Abdominal-SeatAdjustment-detail75_300.png

      Ease of Adjustment

      Adjustment dials and knobs have large diameters and feature rubber gripping areas to make them easier to use. A bright yellow color makes every adjustment point easy to recognize.


      Seats can be adjusted with simple one-hand operation.




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      Instruction Made Easy

      Placards clearly depict what muscles are being trained, what adjustments can be made, and proper movement for each machine. The QR code/NFC connects LFconnect app users to a detailed video highlighting the correct use, and tracks their progress. Rep counter and timer make it easy for exercisers to keep track of their workouts.



Thoughtfully designed. Distinctively crafted. 

The Insignia Series experience begins with precise lines and a strikingly modern aesthetic. Visual appeal is topped only by the smooth motion and tactile connection felt by the user. 

The Insignia Series featues intelligent touches and subtle design elements that result in a natural feel and a truly memorable experience. Hundreds of individual parts work together to create an elegant selectorized line that is enticing to exercisers of all fitness levels. 

Insignia Series. The optimal interaction between exerciser and machine. 

  • 8-Station Solution

    Insignia Series creates an inviting strength training area that’s an integral part of a space outfitted with a variety of workout options. Utilizing available outdoor space for a SYNRGY BlueSky™ unit adds another opportunity for social interaction without sacrificing square footage, and it allows exercisers to complement indoor small group training with an outdoor training option.

  • Shown with Diamond White frame, Regimental Blue upholstery, Stainless Steel shrouds and L Series trim option.

    Elevation™ Series cardio equipment complements Insignia Series strength equipment, which provides a premium look and inviting atmosphere for exercisers. Workout variety is available for users without requiring a large amount of space.

  • Shown with Diamond White frame, Regimental Blue upholstery, Stainless Steel shrouds and L Series trim option.

    Exercisers can transition seamlessly between Insignia Series equipment and an adjacent flexibility/core area.

  • 21-Station Solution

    A full line of Life Fitness cardio, strength training and small group training equipment provides exercisers with the variety to keep workouts interesting and help exercisers progress through their fitness goals.

  • Shown with Titanium frame, Wheat upholstery, Stainless Steel shrouds and L Series trim option.

    The design of the Insignia Series complements the adjacent Signature Plate-Loaded equipment and helps to create a cohesive and inviting environment for users of all abilities and fitness levels.

  • Shown with Titanium frame, Wheat upholstery, Stainless Steel shrouds and L Series trim option.

    The Insignia Series area has its own feel, but gives exercisers easy access to cardio areas or the energy created around a SYNRGY360™ system.

  • Shown with Titanium frame, Wheat upholstery, Stainless Steel shrouds and L Series trim option.

    The low tower height of Insignia Series equipment encourages social interaction between members, and creates an open and inviting atmosphere.

Choices to Enhance
Any Facility. 

Trim Options

L Series: Includes ergonomic grips, an integrated rep counter & timer and an aluminum painted tower cap.

S Series: Features standard grips and a charcoal gray plastic tower cap.

Weight Stack Options

♦ Heavy stack (15% more weight than standard stacks) with dial incremental weight

♦ Standard stack with dial incremental weight

♦ Standard stack with drop down incremental weight

Color & Style Choices

♦ 30 upholstery colors

♦ 15 frame colors

♦ 6 shroud inlays

View the interactive color chart for all the options: