Insignia Series

The Insignia Series combines a premium look with smooth, biomechanically sound movements and user-friendly features intended to improve user comfort and create an inviting strength training experience. Dozens of design choices help create a full line of selectorized equipment that differentiates and enhances any facility.

Insignia Series Single Stations Highlights:

  • Inset_Technology.png

    Enhanced Experience

    Equipped with LFcodes placards to help exercisers reach their fitness goals and a rep counter to offer quick workout information.

  • Inset_LowProfile.png

    Low-Profile Towers

    A low-profile design enhances social interaction and contributes to an inviting atmosphere. 

  • Inset_InsigniaRoomScene.png

    Striking Aesthetics

    Clean lines and subtly rounded tubing create an elegantly modern design and premium look.

  • Inset_Biomechanics.png

    Smooth and Natural Motion

    Attention to sound biomechanics. 

  • Inset_UserFriendly.png

    User-Friendly Design

    Easy adjustments, comfortable carefully crafted padding and ergonomic grips add up to a truly memorable user experience.