Pro2 Series

For a Long Healthy Life, Choose Long-Lasting Equipment

Pro2 Series is strength equipment that stands up to the countless demands of people seriously dedicated to getting the most out of life. Your facility, your exercisers, your trainers, everybody will appreciate what this tough equipment and its smart biomechanics and reliable features can do. Pro2 Series Strength - it's fundamental to any facility's strength offering.

Pro2 Series Highlights:


  • Simple Yet Powerful

    Pro2 Series is easy enough for any novice to use, yet powerful enough to stand up to your more experienced clientele.

  • Ideal for Demanding Environments

    Sturdy 2" x 4" and 2" x 3" steel tubing, precision welds, and internally lubricated cables all contribute to making Pro2 the ideal choice for demanding fitness environments.

  • Stable Training Positions

    Convenient, easy-to-use Pro2 seat adjustments firmly lock seat into place keeping your users in safe, stable training positions at all times.

  • Intuitive Instructional Placards

    Simple-to-follow, instructional placards integrated into the design of each Pro2 Series machine illustrate proper use and muscles trained.

  • Touch Magnetic Weight Pins

    Weight selector pin magnetically locks in place and is conveniently connected to the weight stack with a flexible, coated coil to prevent pin loss.

  • Equipment Choice

    Available in base and more fully featured SE models.*

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