Signature Series Single Stations

Get the Most out of Life by Getting the Most out of Your Workout.

Who says you can't have it all? Signature Series redefines traditional machines by bridging the gap between intimidation and confidence. Exercisers of all levels will benefit from the more than 20 years of industry insight, biomechanical expertise and customer feedback that has resulted in this powerful line of equipment. Signature Series will do as much for your business as it will for your exercisers.

Signature Series Single Stations Highlights:


  • Consistent Profile

    A low and consistent profile, contoured cushions, and full shrouds and pulley covers are all beautifully integrated for an elegant look.

  • Easy-to-Use Increment Weight

    A unique increment weight system, which is integrated into the weight stack, allows users to simply turn a dial for gradual increases in their resistance-training program.

  • Smooth, Natural Movements

    Converging and diverging axes that correctly align with the user's joint movement, provide a natural, comfortable feel throughout the range of motion.

  • Premium Instructional Placards

    Visually enhanced instructional placards are clearly marked, located in the most visible position and provide simple instructions for correctly performing each exercise.

  • Full Shrouds and Pulley Covers

    Full shrouds and pulley covers make the equipment more approachable, less intimidating and visually appealing to all users.

  • Uncompromised Durability

    Fully welded frame, precision welds and internally lubricated cables give Signature Series its uncompromised durability.

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Signature Series Customization

Express yourself beyond frame and upholstery colors. Our StackWraps™ take customization of your single station or cable motion machine to a whole new level.