Set Your Facility Apart

The Life Fitness Journey™ creates outstanding exerciser experiences designed to help you attract new people and keep them coming back again and again.

This user-friendly approach to facility design and layout creates a dynamic environment in which exercise equipment is thoughtfully grouped in workout Spaces with purpose and focus.

The Life Fitness Journey delivers what motivates people — environment, progression, variety and social interaction — to keep them on their exercise path.

Evolving the Exercise Experience...

By incorporating four factors proven to attract exercisers and motivate them to return.

  • Environment-video.png


    An inviting and attractive atmosphere makes people feel welcome and differentiates your facility.

  • Progression-video.png


    New challenges keep exercisers engaged and the results they see are encouraging.

  • Variety-video.png


    Adds to the sense of fun and contributes to return visits.

  • SocialInteraction-video.png

    Social Interaction

    When people connect they keep coming back— and they stay on their exercise Journey.

A Visionary Approach Based on Our:
Comprehensive Product Range Because we offer the widest range of equipment, we alone can bring this concept to life.   Knowledge Life Fitness has helped thousands of facilities around the world reach their business goal.   Experience Over 45 years revolutionizing the fitness industry—from the first Lifecycle® Exercise Bike to innovations in motivational features.

Journey Success Stories

With the help of Life Fitness, we have positioned ourselves as trendsetters within the fitness industry.

Bob Muskee, manager of Body Action Alkmaar, The Netherlands

In only four months time, we had 3,500 members. These members are very pleased with the varied offerings and remain motivated because The Life Fitness Journey brings variety to their exercise.

Ria Meertens, manager and owner of Wellnesselande, The Netherlands

This absolutely helps close tours. We hit our membership budget in the first two
months of our fiscal year!

And the number of members actually using this facility is much higher than our other locations. Our current retention rate is 86%.

Lisa Norombaba, Fitness Dept. Head, East County Family Y, Spring Valley, CA. USA

Journey is a success; the new layout gives off a good vibe to our members. It is comfortable and varied.

Raquel Madrid, manager of Atalanta Club Ronda Norte, Spain

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