Atalanta Club Ronda Norte

  • Valencia, Spain
  • Size: 11,000 sq. meters

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Journey is a success; the new layout gives off a good vibe to our members, it is comfortable and varied. We have created several 20 minute programs (depending on individual goals and fitness levels), which can help members progress in their workout and allow social interaction.


Journey not only benefits the members, but also the staff, as their working time elapses in a dynamic and enjoyable way.

  Raquel Madrid, 
Gym Manager,

Atalanta Ronda Norte

In May 2009, the city of Valencia welcomed the third and largest of three Atalanta Sports Clubs. The Atalanta Club Spa Ronda Norte has quickly become a favorite of local Valencians who are drawn to the club for its large scale, extensive service offerings and exciting approach to design—both inside and out.

The Atalanta Club Ronda Norte has its 11.000 m2 spread over three floors of cutting-edge architecture. The spectacular Fitness Studio, located on the first floor, has a space of 1.200 m2 and is surrounded by large windows which flood the space with light. This unique effect makes members feel as though they are practicing sport in the outdoors.

Atalanta Club Ronda Norte’s owners knew they needed to build a fitness area that would attract new members and differentiate this facility from other sports centers in the region. To accomplish these goals they turned to the experts at Life Fitness who suggested the Life Fitness Journey.™

Utilizing non-traditional equipment layouts and stimulating visuals, Life Fitness Journey creates an environment that enables exercise variety, promotes progression and encourages social interaction. The end result is a unique offering that keeps exercisers engaged and sets a facility apart from its competitors.

Journey Spaces Featured:

  • Running Space
  • Shaping Legs Space
  • Core and Stretch Space
  • Power Zone
  • Ready Space
  • Cable Motion Space
  • Circuit Training Space
  • MTS Circuit Space
  • PT Space

Life Fitness Journey Case Study: Atalanta Club Ronda Norte

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