Body Action

  • Alkmaar, The Netherlands
  • Size: 1,100 sq. meters

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With the help of Life Fitness, we have positioned ourselves as trendsetters within the fitness industry. We put a lot of time and energy to ensure our members keep coming back for more

  Bob Muskee, 

Body Action Alkmaar

When I give a tour in the club for my customers I can tell them a story, it is more than fitness. Moreover, our club is unique in its appearance because of the Buddhist style. It's all about the experience.

Richard van der Wereld


Body Action Alkmaar

When Bob Muskee decided that he was ready to open Body Action, a health club in Alkmaar, he knew he needed a unique approach to attract new members and keep existing ones coming back for more. Realizing a need to differentiate his club from the rest, Muskee wanted to deliver fitness in an intuitive way, while also tackling workout boredom. After spending hours and hours researching different solutions, Muskee found the answer he was looking for.

Muskee developed a plan and with the help of Life Fitness, designed his facility to present self-guided workout spaces grouped by common exercise goals. Body Action utilized the Life Fitness Journey™ concept, a new way to design a facility utilizing colorful signage and a non-traditional equipment layout to deliver different exercise experiences.

Body Action Alkmaar, the third Body Action club in Holland, opened its doors in January of 2008. The facility offers members 1100 square meters of dedicated fitness space. Body Action also offers group dance, spinning and Les Mills BodyPump classes. Members also have the option of using the club’s tanning beds and saunas or dining at the facility’s full-service restaurant. Personal attention is a top priority at Body Action with the staff at each location dedicated to communicating the importance of fitness and health."

Journey Spaces Featured:

  • Cardio Entertainment Spaces
  • Ready Feel Good, Look Good Space
  • Ready Extra Tone Space
  • Action Body Training Space
  • Abs(solutely) Core Training Space
  • Med Ball Space
  • Go Functional Space
  • Go Extra Free Weights Space
  • Running Space
  • Cross Trainer Space
  • Rowing Space
  • Circuit Space
  • Break Out Space - Dumbbells
  • Rumble Space