Sport Village

  • Cuneo, Italy
  • Members: 1,200

  • Size: 1,500 sq. meters

Launch Photo Gallery

Life Fitness Journey is the answer to our needs, we were looking for a concept that could offer to our members an engaging experience, differentiating the business offer, giving variety and increasing socialization. These werre the main goals to get a successful club.


We finally found all these hot spots in Life Fitness Journey, and Life Fitness equipment is the highest contributor of success for Sport Village

  Giancarlo Dotta

Sport Village

With over 20 years experience in the fitness and resort industries, Giancarlo Dotta was ready to create a health club that combined an innovative and engaging layout with quality service at a reasonable price. He turned to Life Fitness for guidance and the Life Fitness Journey proved to be the answer.

With spaces devoted to certain types of equipments and execises, Journey allows members to create small communities of exercisers with similar interests. This concept provides a unique experience for every person--exactly what Dotta was looking for.

In addition to the various Journey spaces in the facility, Sport Village offers a swimming pool, hot tubs and an area dedicated soley to rehabilitation staffed by several physiotherapists and other rehab professionals.

Journey Spaces Featured:

  • Treadmill Space
  • Summit Space
  • Ready Space
  • Hammer Plate-Loaded Space
  • Free Weight Space
  • Tone Space
  • Cardio Inspire Space
  • Bike Recumbent Space
  • Steady Space
  • Ground Base Space
  • Functional Space
  • Core Space