• Barendrecht, The Netherlands
  •  Size: 6,000 sq. meters

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In four months time, we already have 3,500 members. Our members are very pleased with the varied offerings and remain motivated because Life Fitness Journey brings variety to their exercise.Ria Meertens,
Manager and Owner

Situated on the outskirts of Rotterdam is a health club like no other. Owned and operated by fitness industry legend, Ria Meertens, Wellnesselande was set to be a success when the club's first brick was laid, thanks to Meerten's experience in the industry. Opening her first health club over twenty years ago, Meertens has succesfully run two fitness facilities since. She wanted her newest and greatest club, Wellnesselande, to be different from all the rest.

Meerten's experience with fitness told her that Wellnesselande needed to deliver a fresh approach to working out. She turned to Life Fitness to help her present exercise in a new way that would differentiate Wellnesselande from competitors and give her a unique advantage in the marketplace.

The Life Fitness Journey was the answer Meertens was looking for. Incorporating equipment, layout and visuals, the Life Fitness Journey groups equipment together based on exercise goals. This new concept would be the key factor Meertens needed to stand out.

Personal attention is also a top priority at Wellnesselande. Over 55 full time employees create an environment that is approachable and friendly. The facility offers a variety of services and classes to keep members engaged and entertained. There are over 90 group exercise classes offered each week, ranging from salsa dance to water aerobics. Wellnesselande also features an Indoor Golf Space, a climbing wall, sun-deck, Dermalogica Skin Care Center and much more. Wellnesseland has something for everyone, making it one of Holland's premier fitness facilities and the largest Life Fitness Journey site in Europe.

Journey Spaces Featured:

  • Cardio Entertainment Space
  • Ready Steady Go! Space
  • Tone Space
  • Abs Space
  • Med Ball Space
  • Core Space
  • Go Functional Space
  • Go Extra Free Weight Space
  • Running Space
  • Rowing Space
  • Circuit Space
  • Stretching Space
  • Break-out Space Dumbbells
  • Break-out Space Barbells
  • Boxing Space