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With the support of global leader Life Fitness, building a corporate wellness center helps you raise morale, increase wellness, lower insurance costs and combat absenteeism, all while making your business run better. 

 An office environment lends itself to your workforce leading a sedentary lifestyle, which influences everything from daily energy and punctuality to on-the-job effectiveness and overall health. With the help of Life Fitness, you can transform your office into a vibrant hub where the workforce is happy and healthy, present and productive. And as they bolster their wellness, you'll strengthen your business.  

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Studies Have Shown 

that companies with effective health and productivity programs have 11% higher revenue per employee, 1.8 fewer days of absence per employee, and a 28% rise in shareholder returns. It's clear that effective wellness programs take businesses to the next level, and Life Fitness is the vehicle to get you there.


The End Result:

an active and positive corporate culture that cares about employee health and fitness, and a business plan that sees revenue streams go up and health care costs go down. With Life Fitness, cubicles and cardio work together, and everyone on the job wins.

An effective corporate wellness program requires a shift in office culture. Fitness products and planning from Life Fitness can be a catalyst for an active office. 

Wellness Solutions


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LFconnect_App_Icon_45x45.png LFconnect™ Technology The LFconnect website and app lets employees track workouts and make clear progress toward health and wellness. Companies can also create custom workouts.
lfopen.png LFopen™ Platform Companies can develop websites and apps to document employee workouts. Other offerings include reward programs and health insurance rebates.
Cardio-icon_45x45.pngCardio Training Life Fitness offers a vast range of options, including treadmills, elliptical cross-trainers and exercise bikes ideal for users of all abilities.
Strength-icon_45x45.pngStrength Training Many of the products offered are easy to use and inviting for exercise novices, and the equipment is biomechanically sound for efficient and effective training.
GroupTraining-icon_45x45.pngGroup Exercise  Daily group training sessions serve as fun and engaging team builiding opportunities, with many customizable options.



Where to Start? 

Building a corporate wellness program will invigorate your business, but crafting it from scratch requires planning and strategy. Important issues like the right mix of equipment, floor space, budget, and aesthetics must be considered in order to deliver the perfect wellness experience for your employees. 


Fitness Evolution

An office environment doesn't simply transform overnight. After the equipment is in place, studies show that companies must make a concerted effort to change the corporate attitude and philosophy themselves. 


Life Fitness knows the steps to make health and wellness a priority, and we can help you adjust that culture for good going forward. Game-changing ideas include wellness incentive programs, employee-run workout classes, specified fitness plans, and much more.


Floor Space
Doesn't Matter

Life Fitness provides the right layout for companies of all sizes. We can put together a plan to convert a space as small as 500 square feet into a fitness area that employees want to use. Give us the specifications of your company's needs, and we provide the ideal solution. Take one step toward your new corporate wellness program, and watch your employees take two steps toward you.

Life Fitness Journey combines a perfect mix of people, spaces and equipment. Consult with our Journey team to create a welcoming workout environment.

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