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When you're a first responder, life changes in an instant. And when a lazy afternoon turns into a 211 or a hot response, no one gets a prize for second place. Life Fitness has the solutions to give first responders a critical edge: tactical strength and conditioning, career longevity, and the chance to save more lives.

 For firefighters, police officers and EMTs, the challenge is usually physical. Whether scaling a ladder in heavy turnout gear, bolting out of a squad car, or sprinting behind a gurney, health and conditioning gets the job done and enhances the safety of everyone involved. Life Fitness supports these goals, and offers the equipment and strategy to improve lives  before and after the sirens blare. 

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Studies Have Shown 

that 50% of injuries suffered during fireground operations are strains, sprains or muscular pain. Furthermore, 38% of on-the-job injuries suffered by EMS workers are caused by body reaction or exertion.


The Takeaway

Injury prevention, especially with first responders, begins with health and conditioning. When you throw yourself into danger on a daily basis, you need to train for every contingency and come to work protected. As the global leader, Life Fitness has durable, innovative equipment that helps first responders perform better and stay on the job  for the long haul.


What we deliver

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Tactical Strength and Conditioning

Addresses all first responder fitness needs.

Products: All three tactical categories below. Smaller packages can be broken up and mixed together to create the ideal training environment.


Ground Base gives power from the ground up, HD Elite offers extensive strength customization.

Products:  Ground Base™ Combo Twist, Combo Decline, Combo Incline, High Pull, HD Elite Half Rack, HD Elite Adjustable Bench, Two-Tier Dumbbell Rack, 5 to 50 lb Dumbbells, Olympic Bar, Weight Plates.


Small group training for functional exercises, DAP for a wide range of motion in a smaller space.

Products:  SYNRGY™360T with accessories,  Signature Series Dual Adjustable Pulley, Multi Adjustable Bench.


Improves overall cardiovascular health.

Products: Integrity Series and Elevation Series Treadmill, Cross-Trainer, and Upright Bike; Jacob's Ladder.



Unrivaled Fitness Equipment

Cardiovascular endurance is a key factor for getting in and out of dangerous situations, and strength is critical for protecting oneself and others. Our cardio equipment can be pushed as far as your first responders can take it, and our benches and racks are rugged, reliable and biomechanically sound. Whichever products you choose, know that they will be a long-term and trusted addition to your facility.


Tactical Strength and Conditioning

How many pounds your first responders can squat isn't important, but their ability to optimize physical job performance is. That's why Life Fitness can help you construct the ideal facility to bring core strength and functional fitness to the forefront. In an environment exclusive to first responders, we recommend the Ground Base series and Hammer Strength racks for strength, the SYNRGY360 for agility, and our full line of cardio equipment for endurance.

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Fitting Your Budget

We get it. Allotting money for anything but essentials is a migraine waiting to happen. That's why we've put together a series of financial solutions to make your job easier  and get the best equipment in the world to your front door. Life Fitness offers a wide range of certified pre-owned equipment that has been reclaimed, repaired and rebuilt by the best technicians in the business. Not only does it perform and endure like new equipment, but it's available at a fraction of the cost. 

CPO Equipment


Floor Space
Doesn't Matter

Life Fitness provides the right layout for buildings of all sizes. We can put together a plan to convert a space as small as 500 square feet into a fitness area that first responders will want to use. Give us the specifications of your facility, and we'll provide the ideal solution.

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