#1 brands Life Fitness and Titleist have partnered to help your country club increase member retention, boost revenue, and attract new members — while improving the skill set and longevity of golfers both on and off the course.

Golfer.jpgScottish great Tommy Armour described golf as a "set of bodily contortions used to produce a graceful result." As a lifelong sport, more and more golfers are realizing that when those body contortions are repeated over years (and likely decades), a high degree of fitness is needed to sustain both the health of the player and the grace of the game. The answer: modernized, revenue-building fitness centers built to each club's budget and specifications.

A country club is the ideal facility by which to grow a golf fitness program — after serving the multifaceted needs of athletes, families, and fine diners over the years, evolving once again is fiscally lucrative and enticing for prospective members. Now, as country clubs modernize and evolve to meet the needs of a health-seeking generation, Life Fitness provides you with a revenue-building plan to develop, design and implement a highly-attractive golf fitness program, and gain the help of Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) in the process.

Life Fitness understands that your reputation, facilities and adaptability are important in not only attracting new members, but retaining existing ones. By working together, we can help make your country club a place where golfers embrace modern developments within a classic aesthetic, and as Tommy Armour opined, continue to achieve that "graceful result."

Titleist Performance Institute (TPI)


Life Fitness' exclusive partnership with Titleist Performance Institute creates a high-quality opportunity for country clubs, members, and overall revenue streams. Expert trainers from TPI perform assessments, create programming, and offer hands-on corrective assistance on a year-round basis, improving the skills of the golfer and the quality of the club.

Club Benefits

A TPI Certified trainer in the club increases revenue streams from personal training, attracts new memberships, and gives current members reasons to spend time at the club all year. Overall, the presence of a TPI Certified trainer broadens the overall appeal for new members and helps the retention of existing members.

Member Benefits

First and foremost, TPI Certified trainers understand the golf swing, and their expert tutelage improves performance on the course while increasing the durability of the golfer. Members will experience improved flexibility, stability, and strength that result in lower golf scores, and will no longer require the expense of a separate health club to attain it. With TPI, members improve both their health and their game, and stay at the club longer.


Talking Points

Blended Gym

Life Fitness recommends a "blended gym" for most country clubs, which focuses on general population workouts, meets the needs of year-round golf training programs, and includes the right mix of equipment to support other country club sports like tennis and swimming. The broad appeal also helps more social members of the club stay involved through fitness, and encourages many to forgo memberships at other health clubs and spend more time at yours.


Junior Golf Programs

For facilities looking to be more family-focused, Life Fitness offers consulting for the planning and implementation of junior golf programs, and the equipment needed to achieve your goals. As these young golfers are important to future membership base, Life Fitness will help you find success in both the present and the future.

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Learn about the Life Fitness brand and listen to testimonials from TPI co-founders, David Phillips and Dr. Greg Rose, and TPI Fitness Director Lance Gill.