Partnership for Success

Partnership for Success

Whatever it takes to help our customers. As the top-selling and most trusted fitness equipment manufacturer in the world, Life Fitness supports your success in ways no other company can. Our global sales and distribution teams are known world-over for going beyond just bringing you great fitness equipment, by developing a true partnership to help you achieve your business goals.

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  • Understanding Your Business Needs

    Understanding Your Business Needs

    From the moment we sold the first Lifecycle® Exercise Bike over 45 years ago, we've seen how our success is wrapped up in the achievements of others. Helping a customer open a new facility, after having helped his others flourish is a good day for us. We learn and grow on every project, from a new multi-million dollar health club to the renovation of a much-used community center. We begin with a detailed analysis of your business. Tell us about what's working and what's not in your business or business plan and together, we'll come up with solutions for you. Maybe your mix of equipment needs refinement. Maybe you're looking for a new way to engage members. Maybe your exercisers are looking to advance in their training and you want to offer them increased options. Once we know what you're up against we'll put together our ideas on how to help you win.

  • Subject Matter Experts

    Subject Matter Experts

    Worldwide reach with regional appreciation. In every corner of the world there are outstanding facilities that Life Fitness had a hand in shaping. Our hotel sales executives have worked hand-in-hand with the biggest names in hospitality to create their global brand standards. Many of our military specialists are proud veterans who understand the special demands placed on exercise equipment in harsh conditions. Everyone you work with at Life Fitness came here because they are first and foremost, fitness enthusiasts with a strong link to both our company and the market that they serve. A team of experts you can rely on to provide the best equipment and guidance that best supports your unique facility.

  • Life Fitness Experience

    Life Fitness Experience

    For over 35 years, we've helped people live healthier lives while helping business see healthier bottom lines. In the beginning, we helped pioneer the health club industry. As more and more people became interested in regular workouts, we supported innovation and kept improving upon tried-and-true equipment. We've always considered ourselves to be in partnership with our customers, learning and growing together. Our sales team has members who have been working with people like you for 35+ years. These individuals have a wealth of knowledge that they share with their peers, which benefits all of us. Because we learn from our mistakes and grow from our successes Life Fitness can honestly say we have the most experienced team in the world.