Marketing Your Facility


  • In-Facility Promotional Materials

    Keeping your facility looking and feeling fresh and exciting can be as easy as adding some new visual elements. We believe that these can be both eye-catching and educational. Many of our posters call out relevant information that makes exercisers feel comfortable.

    Contact your local Life Fitness representative to learn more about our in-facility promotional materials at 800.634.8637.


    • "Coming soon" posters
    • 2D and 3D layout posters
    • In-facility product promotion signage
  • Marketing Support - Print and Online

    Our marketing teams support 120 countries around the globe from headquarters and regional offices. We work hard to understand your specific needs from a point of view that will resonate with the exercisers you’re trying to attract. We offer custom and ready-made solutions and collaborate with our customers to create the ultimate fitness experience. In addition to our capabilities in creating printed marketing materials, we recognize that the world is changing and moving to an evermore interactive existence. We can help you with website content and online resources to reach your exercisers before they ever walk through the door.


    • Promotional items
    • Media assets website
    • Video content
  • Public Relations

    You’re out there in your area, supporting area residents and their desire to live healthier lives. Public relations, both through the media and community, is a great way to spread the word about your accomplishments and attract new members.


    • Public relations guide