Equipment Selection

Equipment Selection

Our two industry-leading brands, Life Fitness and Hammer Strength empower you to create a fitness floor tailored to your exercisers. We offer variety in our two cardio lines and 12 different strength lines, because we know that having choices helps you choose the right equipment to best suit your needs. A variety that also helps exercisers avoid boredom, plow through plateaus and achieve their goals—which they will attribute to your facility. Because the best exercise plan is one with room to grow, the best facilities enable that growth and thoughtful owners are rewarded for their foresight with very loyal members.


To get started with a personalized equipment consultation with one of our experts, call: 1-800-527-6065
  • Experienced Sales Consultants

    Experienced Sales Consultants

    Life Fitness's experienced sales consultants do more than just facilitate the sale of equipment to suit your needs, they understand your business needs and use their expertise to select the right product mix to maximize your investment and set you up for success. With the largest commercial fitness sales force in the world, Life Fitness fields a highly trained team that is constantly being trained on new products, business services and facility best practices to help you maximize your equipment investment.

  • Life Fitness Hammer Strength Brands

    Life Fitness and Hammer Strength Brands

    Life Fitness is the only commercial fitness equipment company to offer two powerhouse brands - Life Fitness and Hammer Strengtth. These are brands and product designs that are instantly recognizable when people enter your facility, reducing intimidation and helping exercisers feel more confident as they progress in their exercise experience.

    The Life Fitness brand offers a variety of cardio and strength product lines to address the need of variety of facility types, and exerciser levels from beginner to expert. Hammer Strength is the world leader in performance strength equipment for intermediate to expert lifters who want to take their game to the next level.

  • Life Fitness Journey

    Life Fitness Journey

    Life Fitness Journey™ is a user-focused approach to facility layout in which exercise products are throughtfully positioned to create a varied set of experiences for exercisers of all fitness levels. Life Fitness Journey taps into what motivates people to stay on their exercise path and creates an environment that will set your facility apart. With knowledge gained from over 30 years working with customers with different types of fitness facilities Life Fitness has identified over 20 key destinations that can help deliver a rewarding exerciser experience.

    Known as Life Fitness Journey Spaces, these areas contain strategically selected and thoughtfully positioned fitness equipment and can feature compelling visuals that help to promote exercise variety, progression and social interaction. To learn more about Life Fitness Journey and see other facilities that have succeeded with this exciting new concept Click Here.