Member Education Tools

Member Education Tools

For those facilities that have limited staff, having great instructional materials to help train your members on features and proper usage of your Life Fitness and Hammer Strength equipment can be a big help. The Life Fitness website Fitness Advisor section is a great place to direct your exercisers for fitness articles instructional videos and other tips on how to get the most from their workout. Our Life Fitness Academy trainers can further personalize equipment training for your exercisers by providing in-person instruction for your members, in your own facility.


  • Product Education Videos

    Educational Video Content

    Instruction and application videos on many of our most popular Life Fitness and Hammer Strength products are available to view on our YouTube Channel or on the product pages at These videos can be easily embedded in your facilities website, used for an instructional kiosk, or used in the pre-sales environment to promote the specific product lines you have in your facility.

    Visit our YouTube Channel.

  • Product  Education Videos

    Grand Opening On-Site Trainer Support

    Life Fitness wants to help make sure your facility is a success from day one. To provide optimal support for a successful grand opening, we can provide a certified Life Fitness Academy Network Trainer to be on-site for your big event.

    This trainer can support your staff as well as educate members on proper use of the new Life Fitness and Hammer Strength equipment.