Staff Education Tools

Staff Education Tools

The Life Fitness Academy has devised a multi-step learning solution with options that benefit every fitness professional. It all begins with e-learning where staff and trainers can conveniently gain and test their knowledge. Fun, dynamic live and on-demand webinars comprise the next level of available training.

  • Onsite Training

    On-Site Training

    The Life Fitness Academy Global Training Network brings outstanding professional development directly to your trainers. This on-site training can take place at your facility or in conjunction with a local conference or fitness event. This training is customized to reflect the equipment at your facility and tailored to the knowledge base of the participants.

    The in-depth experience will last from one to three hours and sends a clear message that you provide the best equipment and completely support your trainers in reaching their goals.

  • Grand Opening

    Grand Opening On-Site Trainer Support

    Life Fitness wants to help make sure your facility is a success from day one. To provide optimal support for a successful grand opening, we can provide a certified Life Fitness Academy Network Trainer to be on-site for your big event.

    This trainer can support your staff as well as educate members on proper use of the new Life Fitness and Hammer Strength equipment.

  • Product Education Videos

    Product Education Videos

    Instruction and application videos on many of our most popular Life Fitness and Hammer Strength products are available to view on our  YouTube Channel or on the product pages at These videos will not only help your staff learn proper usage and safety on the equipment, but will equip them with the tools to effectively describe and promote the key features and benefits of each line to your exercisers.

    Launch our YouTube Channel to view hundreds of instructional and application videos on our most popular products.