G3 Home Gym


Train for day-to-day and sports-related activities with the versatile G3 Cable Motion Gym System. Using pulleys and cables, your range of motion is unrestricted and your movements are completely natural and biomechanically correct. This makes the G3 an effective, easy-to-use way to build balance and stability for multiple muscle groups and enhance your daily activities – whether it’s on the job or in recreational sports – all with one compact and durable machine.

Our price: $1,999 MSRP*
Product Features
Abdominal and Oblique Exercises 2
Biceps Exercises 4
Chest Exercises 9
Functional Exercises 4
Leg Press Attachment Optional
Lower Body Exercises 7
Removable/Fold-Up Bench No
Shoulder and Back Exercises 12
Total Exercises 40
Triceps Exercises 3
Type Of Movement User-defined
Exercise Booklets and Cards Yes
Training DVD No
Technical Specifications
Warranty Frame: Lifetime; Welds: Lifetime; Pulleys: 3 year; Upholstered Pads and Cables: 3 year; Warranties outside the U.S. may vary
Dimensions (L x W x H) 80 in x 53 in x 84 in (204 cm x 135 cm x 214 cm)
  • *Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) for U.S. only. Life Fitness sells its products through a global network of authorized specialty fitness dealers, retailers and distributors, and not directly to consumers. Each retail dealer is responsible for setting its own selling price, which may differ from the price suggested above depending on freight, taxes, and other local market conditions. International prices may be influenced by freight costs, taxes, customs, and import duties. For specific pricing, please visit or contact your nearest Life Fitness retailer.
Key Features

  • Virtually unlimited cable exercise variety recruits all major muscle groups on multiple planes for better results in less time

  • Strengthens core stabilizing muscles used in sports and daily activities

  • Ergonomically-designed to mimic your body's natural path of motion

  • Easy to adjust from exercise to exercise
  • Space-efficient design ideal for small places in your home
  • Durable, quality components ensure long product life

  • Swivel high and mid pulleys provide an unlimited range of motion

  • Adjustable back pad ensures correct positioning for a variety of exercises

  • Included accessories: Revolving low row bar, ankle strap, two pairs of soft strap handles, 160-lb. (73 kg) weight stack and weight stack shrouds
  • Optional accessories: Leg press/calf raise, lat bar and 50-lb. (23 kg) add-on kit




 * Prices outside the U.S. may vary

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