October 02, 2013 / Category: Fitness Community

WhyYouStillNeedaPersonalTrainerinaWorldofFitnessApps.jpgThe fitness world is evolving very quickly. Today, acquiring helpful exercise data is possible thanks to the variety of fitness apps on smartphones and tablets. One might even think these apps could replace a personal trainer, as they offer workouts, recommendations and track progress. 

But is it really that easy? Are personal trainers in danger of extinction? My answer: definitely not! 

Amir Lafdaigui

August 08, 2013 / Category: Fitness Community

SoFitImage.pngAnother Life Fitness LFopen compatible app became available today for iOS.  Prior to this latest release, Life Fitness products were compatible with Lose It! (nutrition focused app), Runtastic (tracking app) and LFconnect (tracking app). 

SoFit, which is a rewards-based app, motivates you to keep physically active and have fun while doing it.  

Anthony Morelli