November 07, 2012 / Category: Fitness Community

Could you be pulling in more members with content marketing? 

In today’s Fitness and Technology Evolution webinar, we talked about the importance of fitness facilities separating themselves from the competition through value, product and now content, both in and out of the gym. We also discussed the fact that 62 percent of exercisers use outside content, like websites or blogs with fitness advice, to support their workout goals. People have access to more information about nutrition, health and fitness than ever before. And new thought-leaders in the industry pop up by the minute.

Why are all of these experts taking the time to share their knowledge and build followers? It’s called content marketing and they do it because they see increased traffic to their website, more recommendations and stronger relationships with clients. Content marketing includes creating stories through blogs, videos, email campaigns, social media, whitepapers, Instagram and more.

Chris Clawson

March 06, 2012 / Category: Our People

Thanks for visiting the brand-new Life Fitness Blog!

As the largest manufacturer of commercial fitness equipment in the world, we thought it was time to start sharing everything we’ve learned over the past 40 years, and give insight into our plans for the next 40. We’ve come a long way since the first Lifecycle exercise bike and exciting things are happening everyday at Life Fitness. Whether it’s new products, the latest technology or research on current workout trends – we want to bring our passion to you.

Lauren Kraft