July 26, 2013 / Category: Fitness Community

006-LF-BishamAbbey-28June2011-D35_0635_mr.jpgA recent Sports Marketing survey asked a sample of gym members about their sports-related spending for 2012. Breaking the sample into three categories (‘active to a healthy standard’, ‘active but not to healthy standards’, and ‘sedentary’), the survey provided proof of a suspected but important correlation—active members spend more on sports equipment.

How much more? Quite a bit, it turns out.

Andy Dunn

January 04, 2013 / Category: Fitness Community

New Year's Resolution FitnessThe New Year’s resolution has been one of the most important drivers behind how our industry has marketed and sold itself since Vic Tanny opened his first gym in the 1940’s. During the first two months of the year many clubs will drive 20% to 25% of their annual sales, and in most instances by appealing to our resolutions and offering discounts that make it a deal no one can resist. Today, people expect to receive enticing deals from club operators proclaiming great prices and a guarantee that the club will help them achieve their resolutions. Unfortunately, the majority of American’s who join a club in January or February are gone by April, and in nearly every case it’s tied to their inability to reach their goals.

Rather than focusing on marketing and sales strategies that appeal to the prospects emotional impulses, why not make our own New Year’s resolution and focus on offering a value proposition that encourages and supports prospects in achieving their resolutions? As a club, try one of these strategies to change the lives of prospects and members, and keep them coming back.  

Stephen Tharrett