August 23, 2012 / Category: Fitness Community

Barefoot or minimalist? Midfoot or forefoot strike? New studies show the debate may be null.

The fitness industry is full of hotly contested opinions. Which shoe to wear and how to land are two of the current topics being debated by scientists, trainers, engineers and even the athletes themselves. Footstrike and shoe design are interdependent on each other. How you land determines the shoe you should wear. At the same time, many runners are selecting a shoe that they think will help them improve a certain form of running.

Scott D

July 12, 2012 / Category: Fitness Community

The 2012 Olympic Games are quickly approaching and here at Life Fitness, we’re getting excited to watch top athletes compete on the world’s largest stage. My favorite summer Olympic sport has always been gymnastics. Gymnasts train diligently and have the rock-hard bodies to prove it. Requiring balance, strength, speed and rhythm, it is of the most challenging sports you’ll see at the games. 

Lauren Kraft