July 12, 2015 / Category: Fitness Advisor

The Sportspark facility in Norwich, UK has a clever and motivating approach to small group training. The small group training area there went from a nondescript daycare center to the exciting SYNRGY360 Face Off training facility.

Life Fitness

February 24, 2014 / Category: Fitness Community

426569_10151406539209800_1356194687_n.jpgSmall group training was named one of 2013’s hottest fitness trends, and as it looks to keep that title through 2014, I think it’s important to examine the facets that make it a hit for exercisers of every ability level.

Maria Davis

January 20, 2014 / Category: Fitness Community

Synrgy-blog-indexpage.jpgFor clubs seeking creative ways to increase memberships, they may want to explore the allure to small group training and study how it transformed a club in Europe.

Greg Highsmith