February 15, 2013 / Category: Fitness Community

It is impossible to nail down one definition of fitness universally applicable to us all. What ‘fitness’ means to one person may not be appropriate to another. It’s fair to say that as well as the obvious connotations of physical conditioning, ‘fitness’ encompasses much more than that.

It’s about mindset, relevance, context, and – particularly in today’s fast-paced society – about convenience. With goals and aspirations broad and far-reaching, and an industry awash with training techniques, theoretical thinking and daily innovation, it isn’t surprising that we each, as individuals, seek different things from the facilities in which we work out.

Changing trends: big brands vs small spaces

The rise of national chains during the 1980s brought with it a shift in perception towards the notion of ‘keeping fit’. No longer was it a luxury available only to those who could afford it; the ability to exercise conveniently had landed on everyone’s doorstep, even found its way into living rooms across the world, thanks to the advent of home workout videos. 

Kristian Turner

September 11, 2012 / Category: Fitness Advisor

With exercise, if you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting what you’re getting. To help you avoid the dreaded weight-loss plateau, we've rounded up some of the top trends in group exercise.

Most clubs offer a wide range of classes for all fitness levels and interests like group cycling, boot camp, power yoga or a kickboxing class. Sign up for a class to mix up your routine or better yet, do a different workout each day. It’s important to have fun, try new things and change fitness routines often.  

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