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Rowing is a great low-impact, total-body workout that’s perfect for exercisers of fitness levels. Here’s the catch—it really has to be done correctly to maximize time and efficiency.

There are a few nuances to making sure that you have proper rowing form, and that you’re getting the most out of your workout. 

The good news is that mastering the four stages of rowing—the catch, drive, finish and recovery—isn’t difficult.

Take a look at this graphic highlighting these four stages and perfect your form.


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June 06, 2016 / Category: Fitness Community

About the author: Deborah McConnell is the Training and Education Manager for Life Fitness Academy, the global training and education arm of Life Fitness.

If you usually choose Quick Start on your cardio equipment, you’re missing out on the benefits of the preprogrammed workouts. Try these workout options the next time you step on a Life Fitness cardio machine.

HIIT Workouts

If boredom or lack of time has prevented you from exercising, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is perfect for you. HIIT refers to exercise involving periods of intense exercise followed by periods of recovery that provide enhanced metabolic afterburn. When exercising at high intensities for short durations, you consume more oxygen. Elevated oxygen consumption continues to burn calories after you finish your workout. Post-workout calorie burn often lasts longer than the actual workout time, and because the body utilizes fat as the fuel to recover, body fat levels are reduced.

HIIT workouts also improve aerobic endurance in a fraction of the time compared to long duration, endurance style training. And HIIT is proven to improve anaerobic fitness levels. Having a high anaerobic capacity makes your overall functional capacity, as well as performance, much greater. 

Try this training on a treadmill with the Two-Speed Interval Program. Determine a low- and high-intensity workout level—for example: 3.5 mph (low intensity) and 8.0 mph (high intensity). Then decide how long you want each interval to last, by simply toggling back and forth between the two speeds. If you want to run for 30 seconds and walk for 60 seconds, you can alternate between those two speeds by simply pressing one minute. This is a simple and safe solution while executing a HIIT workout.

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May 24, 2016 / Category: Fitness Community

Congratulations! We made it. It’s safe to say that warmer days are ahead of us. Like most people, in addition to honoring the U.S. armed forces, we see Memorial Day as the unofficial start of summer. That means, beach trips, outdoor workouts, and yes, barbecue after barbecue. Party invites can be hard to avoid, and hey, you shouldn’t have to. We can all admit, though, that it can be easy to fall off track when each weekend you have yet another can’t-miss cookout on the agenda. Good news, we took the time to round up five recipes (so you can spend more time prepping!) that you can enjoy and/or prepare this weekend—and for the rest of summer—without feeling like you’ve completely fallen off course. Remember, moderation is key. Have fun!

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