November 14, 2013 / Category: Innovation

InHomeCardioThatsEasyOnYourJoints.jpgIf asked to name an in-home machine that can accomplish several tasks in one workout, most of us would probably say the treadmill. After all, a treadmill has numerous health benefits for some of the most popular fitness goals seen today, including weight loss, cardiovascular improvement and cholesterol reduction. Cardio workouts are excellent ways to achieve the goals listed above, and a treadmill is a great choice that can fit in nearly any home or apartment.

But not so fast! For some of us, impact from running can take a toll on the body, especially in our knees. Fortunately, you don’t need to skip your workouts, because we have solutions to bypass that pesky issue.

Matt Elsesser

November 12, 2013 / Category: Fitness Advisor

11.12.13PreparefortheCold.jpgWhether there’s snow in the air or the temperature is dropping, the winter weather will affect your outdoor workouts. Rather than dread the cold or let it hinder your exercise, follow our advice and be prepared. The key to comfortable cold weather workouts is what you wear.

Life Fitness

November 10, 2013 / Category: Our People

ChrisClawsonWorkoutRoom_mrLifeFitness.jpgAt Life Fitness, we don't just create exercise equipment — we produce an environment where employees, family and friends live for health and wellness lifestyles. One example of this commitment is through Brunswick Corporation’s (Life Fitness’ parent company) Walk This Way program, a competitive “walking contest” that encourages the employees in all five Brunswick divisions to track their steps with a pedometer and “out walk” the other divisions.

But that’s just the beginning …

Tom Phillips