March 05, 2014 / Category: Fitness Community

OutdoorFitnessTrends.jpgIn 2014, the hottest trends in fitness will be directly under the sun. Why go outside? Research indicates that moderate exposure to sunlight can increase your mood, boost your Vitamin D intake and propel your sweat count. Plus, a healthy dose of fresh air is invigorating for all involved. My advice – put on your sunscreen, strap on some Ray-Bans, and prepare to perspire with these great new outdoor fitness trends!

Ashley McLean

November 12, 2013 / Category: Fitness Advisor

11.12.13PreparefortheCold.jpgWhether there’s snow in the air or the temperature is dropping, the winter weather will affect your outdoor workouts. Rather than dread the cold or let it hinder your exercise, follow our advice and be prepared. The key to comfortable cold weather workouts is what you wear.

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