April 13, 2016 / Category: Fitness Community

About the author: Leon Rudge is the technology solutions manager for Life Fitness. He has extensive experience in the global fitness industry and is immersed in future technologies on behalf of the fitness industry.

Imagine if you were able to create an amazing health and fitness app—one that created memorable experiences and also was able to generate revenue. Would this perfect app become a guaranteed success? It’s not that certain in the commercial fitness industry where digital isn’t necessarily embraced.

There are four key factors/entities in the fitness industry to consider. Each one has to buy in to the importance of the digital experience in order for our perfect app to be a success.

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January 22, 2016 / Category: Fitness Community

The health and fitness industry uses the words “digital” and “technology” frequently, but they also seem to be used interchangeably. This isn’t necessarily wrong in normal conversation, but as the industry seeks to find clarity and direction in an evolving world, having a unified definition helps us use common language and better understand the journey ahead.

I’ll explain how to differentiate the two. (Source: Oxforddictionaries.com)

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May 24, 2015 / Category: Innovation

original.jpgThe best method of tracking your daily exercise may already be in your pocket. 

Life Fitness recently updated its LFconnect app to sync with popular built-in fitness apps — Apple Health, Google Fit and Samsung S-Health — automatically transmitting data collected from our Life Fitness cardio equipment.

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