July 03, 2013 / Category: Innovation

FitBytes-WearableTech-JawboneUP.jpgThe newest technology trend in the fitness industry is all about what you wear. The most advanced technologies aren’t necessarily tied to your smartphone. Now, a watch, bracelet or pair of glasses can be the smartest device you own. Wearable technology is quickly emerging, especially in the fitness industry.

Major corporations, including Apple, Nike, Google, Microsoft, Acer and Samsung, as well as start ups and smaller manufacturers, are all in on developing technology you can wear to better track your regular workouts and activity levels. Google Glass and Apple’s iWatch have captured the world’s attention, and researchers estimate consumers will spend $1.5 billion in 2014 on wearable technology, cementing its place in the technology and fitness industries.

Anthony Morelli

April 02, 2013 / Category: Fitness Advisor

Technology can get a bad rap, often blamed for the increasingly sedentary lives many people are leading. But your phone, tablet and television don’t have to be a license to sit still. They can actually be used as motivators to get and stay fit. In fact, in a global survey of exercisers, Life Fitness found that exercisers that use technology to support their workouts consider themselves to be more successful at achieving their weight and fitness goals.  Try one of these tech-driven tools to lead a healthier life:

Heart Rate

A heart rate monitor can be a great tool for monitoring workouts. Most cardio machines feature an embedded heart rate monitor that clearly displays how hard the body is working. You can also wear a heart rate monitor for indoor and outdoor workouts. To effectively us it, it’s important to know your maximum heart rate. This is the highest number of times your heart can beat in one minute and offers a key figure in determining training intensities. Using heart rate to create interval training sessions or steady-state workouts, can strengthen the heart and improve cardiovascular fitness. 

Life Fitness

January 08, 2013 / Category: Events

The Life Fitness team is hitting the floor of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this morning, learning all about the hottest fitness technologies and showing off our new open platform products.

Two influential developers in the fitness app industry, Runtastic and Wahoo Fitness, will be giving demonstrations of their app’s functionality, improvements and integration with Life Fitness products in their CES booths.

We’ve shipped Discover series treadmills with tablet consoles to Vegas so that show-goers can experience real-time updates of their workout statistics on Runtastic and Wahoo Fitness apps. Life Fitness is the first and only fitness equipment manufacturer to offer products with an open API. That means any fitness app developer in the world can access a portion of our code to create apps that work with our equipment. 

Lauren Kraft