November 20, 2012 / Category: Fitness Advisor

If you’re more likely to cut ties than go steady with your cardio routine, it’s time to recommit as cardiovascular exercise is one of the best ways to ensure the long-term health of your heart. Try these workouts and rekindle the magic of your routine:



Take On the Treadmill 

Add variety to spice up your cardio workout by changing speed, resistance and incline throughout the workout to alternate high intensity intervals with recovery.

  • Start with a five-minute warm up at 3 mph with a 1 percent incline.
  • Follow with five minutes of slow jogging (4 to 5 mph).
  • Pick up the pace (6 mph+) for one minute and run at a 2 percent incline or more.
  • Return to the jogging pace at a 1 percent incline for two minutes.
  • Repeat run/jog intervals 2 to 3 more times before returning to a five-minute walk.
Heather Sieker

September 13, 2012 / Category: Fitness Advisor

This month’s workout is quick and efficient, incorporating strength training as well as plyometrics, or “jumping exercises.”

You can do this workout outdoors, using TRX Suspension Training straps for the strength exercises and playground steps for the plyometric boxes and jumping points. If you’re in the gym you can use strength products like Signature Series selectorized or Hammer Strength plate loaded for all of the exercises listed below. 

Heather Sieker

August 16, 2012 / Category: Fitness Advisor

Back in high school, I remember thinking running 26.2 miles was unfathomable. I was active in sports like softball and volleyball, but I couldn’t imagine running a 5K let alone a marathon.

Five years later I did run my first, and only, marathon. It was a great experience and I was quite proud of myself. However, I think I was actually more proud when I finished my first ever 5K race – I was officially a runner. It was a Turkey Trot and has become an annual tradition for me ever since. 

Even if 3.1 miles seems impossible, I encourage you to give running a try. Whether it’s outdoors or on the treadmill, follow this schedule and you could be running miles before you know it!

Heather Sieker