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Congratulations! We made it. It’s safe to say that warmer days are ahead of us. Like most people, in addition to honoring the U.S. armed forces, we see Memorial Day as the unofficial start of summer. That means, beach trips, outdoor workouts, and yes, barbecue after barbecue. Party invites can be hard to avoid, and hey, you shouldn’t have to. We can all admit, though, that it can be easy to fall off track when each weekend you have yet another can’t-miss cookout on the agenda. Good news, we took the time to round up five recipes (so you can spend more time prepping!) that you can enjoy and/or prepare this weekend—and for the rest of summer—without feeling like you’ve completely fallen off course. Remember, moderation is key. Have fun!

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So, how important is the time you spend on a treadmill or cross-trainer each week? Are you putting in the miles just to help maintain your weight or because there’s a 5K coming up?

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April 26, 2016 / Category: Fitness Community

About the Author: Patrick Rapp was a 2015 Personal Trainers to Watch finalist. He is a personal trainer and the owner of Sport Performance Center in Vasteras, Sweden.

When you work as a personal trainer and meet lot of different people, exercisers with different goals, different circumstances and different incentives. Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start with each one.

When I began as a personal trainer, I thought I could develop a training method that allowed me to guide my clients through a systematic workout plan—a plan that would show me where to start with my client, when to take the next step and what that next step would be. As you can probably figure out, this simplistic method does not exist.

Everyone is unique and everyone reacts differently to the exercise options, feedback and energy we provide. If you really think about it, a one-size-fits-all fitness plan goes against everything personal training stands for. Trainers want to deliver quality, individualized training and guidance toward the personal goals of each client.

So, how does this personalization happen? The closest thing to a consistent method I have found is, start with success.

Listen to your client and assess where they are in relation to their goals and abilities. Start with an intensity and a program that is just slightly challenging to your exerciser, but one that they are capable of. You exerciser should feel immediate success and be motivated by the fact that they are making progress after just a couple of minutes. Slowly work up the intensity but try to make sure that your client achieves success frequently.

Positive feedback is better than negative feedback, and we know that a positive mind can have great effect on performance. So why not work with the philosophy that you client should feel successful, feel that they are breaking barriers and leave each session feeling like they’re walking on the clouds? Not only will they reach their goals, they will feel great during the journey and recommend you to others.


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