November 14, 2013 / Category: Fitness Advisor

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Unlike most forms of cardio, swimming makes it possible to work your body without the harsh impact to the joints. And just like land-based exercise, swimming offers a long list of benefits, including increased muscle tone and strength, improved flexibility, and reduced resting and exercise heart rates.

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June 07, 2013 / Category: Fitness Advisor

It’s good when exercise gets boring—that means you’ve been doing it often enough to get bored! Fortunately, you don’t need the latest equipment to keep the spark in your love of fitness. Many forget that they have two very effective fitness “tools” readily available to them at all times—your bodyweight and gravity—which allows you to exercise anywhere, anytime without any equipment needed. That said, because these moves don’t use the latest fitness gizmo or gadget, some people find that standard bodyweight exercises can get stale pretty quickly. Luckily for you, freshness has arrived—the bodyweight exercise variations below will engage your mind and bring a novel challenge to your body!

Hand-dance Push-up

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September 14, 2012 / Category: Fitness Community

This week the web is a buzz about a recent Reuter’s article that points out, “As the American waistline continues its spread, fitness is shaping up as one of the hottest careers of this tepid economic recovery.”

While the obesity epidemic continues to sadden us, this presents an opportunity for anyone looking for a career in fitness—now is the time to get started. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that employment of fitness trainers is expected to grow by 24 percent in the decade to 2020.

If you have a passion for fitness and helping others, and want to know how to become a personal trainer, keep some of these things in mind:  

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