February 21, 2013 / Category: Fitness Community

A new study from the PEW Research Center takes a closer look at one of the hottest fitness industry trends, health and fitness tracking. Sixty-nine percent of adults are tracking their health with measures such as body weight, calories and distance, and of those trackers, one in five does so using technology.

When you break down that data by age, you may be surprised to see that only eight percent of those technology-savvy trackers use a mobile app. Eight percent may not seem like a lot, but don’t be so quick to write off the thousands of available health and fitness tracking apps as useless. When app trackers are broken down by age, the percentage is double for the younger crowd. 

Deborah McConnell

January 16, 2013 / Category: Events

Jawbone UP CES 2013The 2013 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was a hot bed of tech geeks, reporters, app developers and some of the most innovative consumer electronics companies in the world. We saw everything from a helicopter you could control with your thoughts to a  fork that tells you when you’re eating too fast, and an ultra hi-def TV that blows current HD models out of the water. Inspiration at this year’s show was limitless.

There was also no shortage of fitness and health innovations. For hi tech fitness buffs, data is king, and being connected was the theme of this year’s show. Fitness brands showed off wireless data collection, sharing and tracking, then integrated the exercise information with the products we’re already using during our workouts, like smartphones.

Anthony Morelli

January 08, 2013 / Category: Events

The Life Fitness team is hitting the floor of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this morning, learning all about the hottest fitness technologies and showing off our new open platform products.

Two influential developers in the fitness app industry, Runtastic and Wahoo Fitness, will be giving demonstrations of their app’s functionality, improvements and integration with Life Fitness products in their CES booths.

We’ve shipped Discover series treadmills with tablet consoles to Vegas so that show-goers can experience real-time updates of their workout statistics on Runtastic and Wahoo Fitness apps. Life Fitness is the first and only fitness equipment manufacturer to offer products with an open API. That means any fitness app developer in the world can access a portion of our code to create apps that work with our equipment. 

Lauren Kraft