Lauren Kraft

May 15, 2012 / Category: Fitness Advisor

Do you remember swinging from a tree branch or pulling up on the monkey bars when you were younger? Those were variations of what is called suspension training, a form of fitness that’s becoming more popular for integrating the body and mind into workouts.

You may have seen TRX® Suspension Trainer™ at your gym or learned about our new Synrgy360 training system that incorporates suspension training, but it’s also a practical workout you can try at home. Suspension training involves an apparatus made of nylon straps and handles that you can attach to a sturdy anchor in your home, or even in a door jam with a door anchor. You then use your body weight as the resistance to perform exercises that build power, strength, core stability, flexibility and balance.

Image via Behrendt & Rausch/FIBO

Life Fitness

March 17, 2012 / Category: Events

In introducing more than 50 new products this year, Life Fitness expected the IHRSA convention to be ground-breaking, but the buzz this year’s show created was unprecedented.

Our Fitness Forward line of products, which include the Synrgy360, Lifecycle GX group cycling bike, and Lifescape entertainment options, drew national media attention. Yahoo News reported that the Lifecycle GX was the future of indoor cycling.

Life Fitness booth at IHRSA 2012

Chris Clawson