September 03, 2013 / Category: Fitness Advisor

SEPTFITTIP3WaytoGetaBetterRun.jpgI know what you are thinking: Tips on how to get a better run? How about being happy that you run at all, right?

We hear you. Running can be hard, especially if it’s new to you.  You can barely run a mile one week and the next, it seems like you can run for miles and miles. It can take some time and practice to get in that kind of running groove, but you could be making your runs harder if you aren’t following these tips.  

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August 01, 2013 / Category: Fitness Advisor

GaitGuys-Avoid-Injuries_8.1.13.jpgWe have been seeing, addressing and treating this problem for years, far too many years. There are few things that frustrate us more than coaches and athletes who refuse to alternate their track workouts into the clockwise direction to help avoid the repetitious detrimental training effects of continued and repeated counterclockwise track training. 


Here is a study from 2000 that tends to validate a causal link to our point. The study confirms a statistically significant asymmetrical strength development in the hindfoot invertor and evertor muscle groups.  

The Gait Guys

July 19, 2013 / Category: Fitness Advisor

Dewpoints-running_200x280.jpgOn those hot, miserable days when you just want to hit the outdoors for a run, what is it exactly that makes it so miserable? Is it the heat? The humidity?

Actually, it turns out that it’s neither. What’s really making those runs so exhausting is something you might overlook during your daily weather check: the dew point.

Kate O'Leary