April 01, 2016 / Category: Fun Side of Fitness

TakeYourWorkoutOutdoors.jpgSpring is right around the corner, and that means moving some of your workouts outdoors. Sunlight, fresh air, green trees – an outdoor workout sounds just like a vacation! And we promise that your treadmill won’t get offended if you ditch the incline and hit a natural hill every once in awhile.

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February 29, 2016 / Category: Fitness Community

We’ve discussed what boutique gyms are and why they are gaining popularity. The big question for traditional health clubs is how they are prepared to respond.

The boutique experience is based largely on creating a welcoming environment of excitement and energy. Clubs need to replicate that atmosphere, and here a few different ways that you can do just that.


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February 17, 2016 / Category: Fitness Community

It’s no secret, boutique fitness studios have been exploding on the fitness scene for several years. Participation in boutiques doubled in one year from 21% in 2013 to 42% in 2014 according to research from IHRSA. And boutique chains have been adding new studios at a rate of 450% per year since 2010 according to the fitness-focused investment firm Piper Jaffray.

A boutique fitness studio is generally viewed as a small gym (800 - 3500 square feet) that focuses on group exercise and specializes in one or two fitness areas. One of the most remarkable aspects of boutiques is their premium price tag. The popular group cycling studio, Soul Cycle, charges roughly $32 per one-hour group class, and other boutiques average $20 or more per class.

So what is the appeal? Will this rapid growth continue? And what does this mean for traditional health clubs that have dominated the exercise scene for decades?

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