Treadmills, ellipticals, and bikes OH MY - Find the right cardio mix

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May 20, 2014 / Category: Fitness Community

5.20.14TakeTwoWheelsToWork.jpgAccording to the US Census, one half of the US population lives within 5 miles of their workplace. Yet less than 1 percent of workers nationwide bike to work. It’s true that cars rule the road, but the benefits of biking are greater. Give it a shot, and make an open-air ride to work part of your daily routine! Why? It’s all about the three Es.

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May 13, 2014 / Category: Fitness Community

5.13.14GoOutForLunch.jpgHow do you spend your lunch break? Are you hunched over your keyboard chowing down on a sandwich? Or are you on the phone trying to sneak in bites while the other person talks? Both ways are common, and both ways are too sedate. Instead of working through lunch, take a walk to an area bistro, even if it’s just once or twice week. Here’s why getting up and out is good for your health:

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May 07, 2014 / Category: Fitness Community

HowStressAffectsYourWaistline.jpg“My job is so stressful,” “My boss is driving me crazy,” “This commute is brutal,” “I’ll never pass that test.” Sound familiar? Of course it does, because we all indulge in these stressful and innaccurate thoughts.

Inaccurate? Duh. Sure, they're inaccurate. This type of thinking claims that stress is created by an outside event – the work, the boss, the traffic or the test. Yet we know full well that stress doesn’t exist until we invite it to live in our heads.

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