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As president of the world's leading commercial fitness manufacturer, this industry truly is What I Live For. I joined Life Fitness in 1994 and before that had the opportunity to work in a variety of fitness and health related roles. If you've ever met me you know I'm a sports fanatic and as an ex-professional baseball player, I still enjoy a casual game of ball from time to time.

Favorite Workout: Interval training (speed and heart rate) on the treadmill


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It was a record-setting year for Life Fitness at IHRSA 2014. We unveiled six new product lines, witnessed an unprecedented crowd response, and threw a Hammer Strength 25th anniversary party that did our rugged brand proud. I’m thrilled to say that after the first public glimpses of SYNRGY BlueSky, Insignia Series and Hammer Strength Select, the enthusiasm and engagement was contagious. It validated our team’s tireless work to push the boundaries of fitness innovation, and our enduring goal to design, connect and evolve.


Life Fitness wants to inspire Americans to lead active, healthy lifestyles. This week, we rallied for that cause in Washington, D.C., at SFIA’s National Health Through Fitness Day as Congress prepares to consider two pieces of legislation: the Personal Health Investment Today (PHIT) Act and the Physical Education Program (PEP) Act. Both are committed to reversing the effects of inactivity on the American culture, and overcoming the obesity crisis.

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In introducing more than 50 new products this year, Life Fitness expected the IHRSA convention to be ground-breaking, but the buzz this year’s show created was unprecedented.

Our Fitness Forward line of products, which include the Synrgy360, Lifecycle GX group cycling bike, and Lifescape entertainment options, drew national media attention. Yahoo News reported that the Lifecycle GX was the future of indoor cycling.

Life Fitness booth at IHRSA 2012

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Lifecycle GX

This week we’re headed to Los Angeles for IHRSA, the largest fitness trade show, where eyes around the world will be watching. We have big things coming.

Throughout the market downturn, businesses have had to readjust, recalculate and even make cutbacks to their new product line up. But, we pushed our company to make smart decisions while still investing in the business. Last year at IHRSA we were able to introduce 26 new products, including the Life Fitness Elevation Series Amped Up, the Virtual Trainer App, and the Signature Series StackWraps.

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You might have heard that Life Fitness recently launched the industry’s first and only open platform fitness products. Opening up our API to app developers allows the best creative minds to develop applications that work directly with our equipment—ideas that we might never have dreamed up. With an open platform, Life Fitness teams can focus on honoring our legacy of building the highest quality advanced workout equipment, while developers use their expertise to create engaging, motivational and personalized applications for exercisers.

With more than 40,000 fitness and health apps on the market, shouldn’t exercisers be able to use the same apps they already love outside the gym, inside the gym? 

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Lose It!
Open Platform Fitness
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Could you be pulling in more members with content marketing? 

In today’s Fitness and Technology Evolution webinar, we talked about the importance of fitness facilities separating themselves from the competition through value, product and now content, both in and out of the gym. We also discussed the fact that 62 percent of exercisers use outside content, like websites or blogs with fitness advice, to support their workout goals. People have access to more information about nutrition, health and fitness than ever before. And new thought-leaders in the industry pop up by the minute.

Why are all of these experts taking the time to share their knowledge and build followers? It’s called content marketing and they do it because they see increased traffic to their website, more recommendations and stronger relationships with clients. Content marketing includes creating stories through blogs, videos, email campaigns, social media, whitepapers, Instagram and more.

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Please join me in congratulating the official 2012 Personal Trainer to Watch, Joanne Blackerby. The competition was strong (nearly 1,000 of the top personal trainers from every corner of the globe), but in the end, the honor went to Joanne, a trainer based in Austin, Texas, USA and the founder of Spirit Fitness.

Life Fitness and FitPro gathered an esteemed group of judges, including 2011 PTTW Nicole Nichols, who rigorously evaluated entrants based on a number of criteria in categories like member experience, community and volunteer involvement, education level, and tenure. In only the second year of competition, the invitation to enter was extended to personal trainers across the globe.  Our judges had no easy task on their hands, narrowing the field first to 20 semi-finalists, then to 10 finalists (see list below), and finally selecting Joanne to receive the top honor, which includes a package of valuable prizes such as a one-year membership to continuing fitness education resource PTontheNet, a piece of premium Life Fitness equipment, global recognition, and $5,000 to put towards her business, Spirit Fitness– a personal training co-operative in Austin, Texas.

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