6 a.m. Synrgy360 Workouts – It’s What We Live For

by Veronica Korcz

December 07, 2012 / Category: Our People

The crew on the Synrgy360. Twice a week, a group of dedicated Life Fitness employees meet at the break of dawn to go toe to toe with the Synrgy360x.

Blood, sweat and tears are shed during a 40 minute workout with battle ropes, burpees, TRX suspension straps and more. Employees from across the company – engineering to marketing – ban together over a shared love of fitness (and self-inflicted pain).

Who are we kidding? Life Fitness employees consider atomic pushup challenges fun! 

If you’ve got a Synrgy360 at your gym, and are looking for a workout, try the Life Fitness employee’s circuit of choice:

30 second reps with a 15 second rest in-between

Anthony Morrelli on the TRX straps. 3 circuits

  • TRX Suspension Strap Mountain Climbers
  • Cable Motion Weighted Rope Pull
  • Cable Motion Shoulder Flys
  • Burpees (Like to show off? Add a pull up on the monkey bars.)
  • TRX Rip Trainer Squat with Press (Try for 5 on each side.)
  • Tricep Dips (Use a band for extra support, if needed.)
  • TRX Suspension Trainer Rows
  • Battle Ropes
  • Step up with Kettlebell Press
  • Medicine Ball Rebounds with Ball Crunch

Top it off with a group TRX Atomic Pushup Challenge:

We’ve got to give props to Quality Inspector Israel Velasco for leading the men with 60 pushups and Product Manager Mercedes Bender leading the women with 35. 

Veronica Korcz